TAB - HDD Production Suite Instrument Racks

Includes 11 insane Ableton Instrument Racks...

Revolutionize your Hard Dance productions with our state-of-the-art Ableton Instrument Racks, a cutting-edge production technique that's taking the scene by storm. These custom racks are designed to replace traditional VSTs, streamlining your workflow and providing you with instant access to premium sounds. Our expertly crafted racks are tailored specifically for Hard Dance genres, providing you with a vast library of top-quality sounds at your fingertips. Elevate your productions and stay ahead of the game with our revolutionary Ableton Instrument Racks, the ultimate tool for Hard Dance producers looking to push boundaries and create music that stands out from the crowd.
Hard Dance Ableton Instruments:
  • Psy Bass Generator
  • Donk Bass Generator
  • Kick Generator
  • Snare Generator
  • Clap Generator
  • Perc Generator
  • Tom Generator
  • Closed Hat Generator
  • Open Hat Generator
  • Crash Generator
  • Ride Generator

Compatible with Ableton 11.2.11+