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Percussion Generator - Hard Dance

Percussion Generator - Hard Dance

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More Powerful Than A VST

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Ableton Live Suite 11.2.1+ Compatible

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3 Day Money-Back Guarantee

Compatible with Ableton Live Suite 11.2.11+

Unleash the full potential of your Hard Dance tracks with our Hard Dance Percussion Generator for Ableton. This meticulously crafted instrument rack includes over 400 top-quality percussion samples, 10 presets, and 12 macro knobs for endless creative possibilities. With intuitive and versatile parameters, you can effortlessly achieve a professional-level sound, and streamline your production process. Enjoy the convenience of built-in processing, all while keeping it 100% Ableton Native. Get ready to take your percussion game to the next level.

What's inside?

  • 400+ Perc Samples Included
  • 12 Macro Knobs
  • 10 Presets
  • Built in processing 
  • All Ableton Native


What makes these Ableton Instrument Racks different and a must have?

✅ All racks are 100% Ableton native. Get professional level quality without the use of VSTs

✅ Instrument racks allow you to create endless variations and combinations of samples. All parameters are adjustable via the macro knobs on the front of the rack.

 Expertly crafted parameters provide maximum versatility, achieving fantastic results with every macro knob combination for streamlined Hard Dance production.

✅ All instrument racks are quality controlled and checked to ensure cohesiveness for your song writing. 


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Ableton native

Compatible with Ableton Live 11.3.10+ST's a thing of the past. Streamline your productions with the Raveyard Kick Generator Rack.

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Endless Possibilities

If 30 presets aren't enough, then try spamming the random button. You'll instantly achieve a different, professional sounding kick everytime.

Effortlessly Shape Your Kick

Summarize the Merchant Input: Easily adjust every detail of the kick drum with the Raveyard Kick Generator Rack.

  • Thousands of carefully crafted sounds to combine into your signature style.

  • Say goodbye to writer's block. This production suite is designed to obliterate any unproductivity and fuel your creativity.

  • Every file and instrument is readily accessible for beginners, while also offering versatility and depth for advanced producers.

  • Each sample is already meticulously processed to meet industry standards, so you can use them instantly in your projects.