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Phantom Techno Drum One Shot Samples

Phantom Techno Drum One Shot Samples

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270 High Quality Techno Drum Shots

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Compatible With All DAWS

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No Additional Processing Needed

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Instant Download & Access Anytime

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3 Day Money-Back Guarantee

🔊 Introducing the Phantom Techno Drum Shots Sample Pack 🔥

Get ready to enhance your techno tracks with precision-crafted drum shots inspired by top-tier creators in the genre. This pack offers a concise yet powerful collection of 270 essential drum samples, designed to elevate your music effortlessly. 🎶

🔹 270 High-Quality Peak Time Techno Drum One Shots

  • 🥁 40 Techno Kicks
  • 🔁 25 Claps
  • 💥 35 Open Hats
  • 🔊 70 Percussion Shots
  • 💣 20 Closed Hats
  • 🎵 15 Rides
  • 🗣️ 20 Snares
  • 🔪 15 Shakers
  • 🌀 15 Crashes
  • 🥁 15 Toms
🔹 Easy Integration, Instant Impact Simplify your production process with these top-quality drum shots. No need for extensive tweaking—create your best techno beats effortlessly! Unlock the potential of your music and elevate your productions with the Phantom Techno Drum Shots Sample Pack! 💣🔊🎚️


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Compatible With All DAWS


270 Insane Techno Drum Shots

🔹 270 High-Quality Peak Time Techno Drum One Shots

  • 🥁 40 Techno Kicks
  • 🔁 25 Claps
  • 💥 35 Open Hats
  • 🔊 70 Percussion Shots
  • 💣 20 Closed Hats
  • 🎵 15 Rides
  • 🗣️ 20 Snares
  • 🔪 15 Shakers
  • 🌀 15 Crashes
  • 🥁 15 Toms

Release Ready Techno Drums

Toss out the struggle of saving mediocre drum samples! These badass Techno drums are meticulously crafted and wickedly processed to be drop-dead ready. Say hello to instant fire - these drums are already amped and set to unleash. Inside this pack? It's the motherlode of top-tier Techno beats, your ultimate weapon for crushing it in your music production game!

  • Signature Sound

    Thousands of carefully crafted sounds to combine into your signature style.

  • Inspiration

    Say goodbye to writer's block. This production suite is designed to obliterate any unproductivity and fuel your creativity.

  • Upgrade Productions

    Each sample is already meticulously processed to meet industry standards, so you can use them instantly in your projects.

  • Beginners & Advanced

    Every file and instrument is readily accessible for beginners, while also offering versatility and depth for advanced producers.

Customer Reviews

Based on 57 reviews
ORR3N (Wembley, GB)

This pack contains everything anyone who wants to make hard techno needs. The kick builder is such a handy tool to get a variety of different kick styles, the presets are crafted well and would suit all producers from beginner to pro. I can't wait for the next edition! :)

@NeopunkMusic (Henderson, US)
Absolutely brilliant!! I will buy more peak time techno material if he releases more which I'm ho...

I've done so many masterclass courses and youtube courses and NOTHING compares to the accuracy and efficiency as the masterclass I took here. I picked up the peak time driving techno course and I feel like I just leveled up SO MUCH in the short time it takes to do it. I haven't finished it yet but the videos are no longer then 5-10 minutes at most so you can chip away at it whenever you get a little free time. The sound design of his presets blow everything else I have out of the water in terms of fat-ness, fx, frequency carving, and the accuracy of the genre its dedicated to. His masterclass will literally hold your hand and guide you towards creating a track from SCRATCH. One word remains: BRILLIANT!!!!

Really appreciate your review! Thank you so much for the kind words

Peter (Liège, BE)
Game changer for hard techno

If you have bought packs to find the right hard techno kicks, don't search anymore, this is the best one, quality samples, the sinner presets are insane.
I love it

Thank you so much for your review!!

Marazzini (Leno, IT)

Very good sample

Thank you!

Ralph DAgostino (Brooklyn, US)
What a set of packs

Wow loving the kick generator too! Great work , full support!

Thanks for your support!