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Divinity All-In-One Peak-Time Techno Production Suite

Divinity All-In-One Peak-Time Techno Production Suite

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Master The Art Of Techno Production

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7.07 GB Of Total Files

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Includes Samples, Serum Presets & Ableton Project File

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58 Lessons - 5+ Hours Of Video Content

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Understand The Complete Songwriting Process

About The Divinity Peak-Time Techno Production Suite

This all-in-one techno production suite will be an absolute game-changerย for producers of any level, Guaranteed.ย 

This pack includes all of our industry-leading peak-time techno packs, as well as a Master Class. That's over 7 GB of samples, loops, & presets and 58 Online video lessons spanning over 5 hours, all wrapped up into this bundle.

The Products Included In This Production Suite:

  • Apollo Peak-Time Techno Master Class
  • Oblivion Techno Sample Pack (Afterlife Bundle)
  • Elysium Techno Serum Presets (Afterlife Bundle)
  • Underworld Techno Kick Builder (Afterlife Bundle)
  • Divinity Techno Kick Generator Ableton Rack (Exclusive)
  • Arcane Techno Drum Loops
  • Phantom Techno Drum One Shots

What You're Getting:

  • 58 Online Video Lessonsย From Beginner To Advanced
  • 5+ Hours Ofย Start To Finish Peak-Time Technoย Video
  • 2000+ Samples, Loops & Presets
    • 7+ GB of Total Files
    • 115+ Serum Presets
    • 1 Ableton Project File
    • Plus an exclusive Techno Kick Generator Rack only available in this Production Suite
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      Over 2000 High Quality Techno Samples & Serum Presets

      Instantly level up the quality of your techno productions with our flagship peak-time techno Samples, Loops, & Serum Presets.

      What You Are Getting:

      • Oblivion Techno Sample Pack (Afterlife)
      • Elysium Techno Serum Presets (Afterlife)
      • Underworld Techno Kick Builder (Afterlife)
      • Arcane Techno Drum Loops
      • Phantom Techno Drum One Shots


      Divinity Techno Kick Generator Ableton Rack

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      Revolutionize The Way You Make Techno Kicks

      For Techno Producers, The Divinity Techno Kick Generator Rack is an absolute must have in your production toolbox. This device features a cutting edge approach to making techno kicks by utilizing the kick builder work flow, but packing that into an easy to use Ableton Rack.

      Features & Specs:

      • 16 Finely Tuned Macro Knobs
      • 5 Layered Samplers Loaded with Different Kick Layers
      • Sample Swapping Abilities
      • Built In Processing Chain
      • Randomize Button for Endless Cominations

      See The Divinity Techno Kick Generator In Action



      Discover the art of Peak-Time Techno with Hellbound, an industry leading techno producer, as he shares the techniques and secrets utilized in modern Peak-Time Techno productions by today's top artists.

      What You Are Getting:

      • 58 Online Video Lessonsย From Beginner To Advanced
      • 5+ Hours Ofย Start To Finish Peak-Time Technoย Video
      • 250+ Samples, Loops & Presets
      • 1 Ableton Project Fileย 


      Course Breakdown

      Chapter 1: Intro To This Master Class + File Downloads

      1. Welcome To The Apollo Master Class
      2. How To Download Files

      Chapter 2: Pre-Production Tips & Tricks In Ableton

      1. File Organization & Saving Your Project The Correct Way (3:14)

      2. Creating Your Roadmap (3:38)

      3. How To Use A Reference Track (8:02)

      4. Set Yourself Up To Be Creative (1:27)

      Chapter 3: How To Make A Peak-Time Techno Kick

      5. How To Make A Peak-Time Techno Kick

      Chapter 4: How To Write Peak-Time Techno Drums

      6. Writing A Techno Kick Pattern + Classic Hi Pass FX (6:55)

      7. How To Write/Arrange Techno Hi Hats & Cymbals (12:03)

      8. Adding Claps To Your Techno Drums (5:13)

      9. How To Create Exciting Drum Fills To Enhance Transitions (7:49)

      10. How To Add Groove To Your Techno Drums With Percussion Loops (8:41)

      Chapter 5: How To Sound Design & Mix A Techno Rolling Bassline

      11. How To Sound Design A Rolling Bassline In Serum (7:05)

      12. How To Sidechain Your Rolling Bassline To Your Kick (6:50)

      13. How To Mix The Low End From Your Bassline & Kick Together (5:10)

      Chapter 6: How To Create An Exciting Breakdown/Buildup

      14. Adding Drums To Your Breakdown To Keep The Groove Alive (11:13)

      15. Adding Risers, Sweeps, Impacts to Breakdown (5:45)

      16. The Art Of Creating A Techno Build Up (9:32)

      Chapter 7: How To Write Emotional Breakdown Synths

      17. Creating A Reese Bassline Pattern For Breakdown (4:57)

      18. How To Write An Emotional Lead Melody For Our Breakdown (5:07)

      19. How To Use Automation To Enhance Lead Melody For Our Breakdown (4:28)

      20. How To Arrange & Automate Your Build Up Synths (8:29)

      Chapter 8: How To Find & Incorporate Themed Vocal Samples Into Your Track

      21. How To make An Epic Pre Drop Vocal Section (7:04)

      22. How To Add The Pre Drop Vocal Into Your Verse (3:41)

      23. Processing The Verse Vocal (Haas Effect, Telephone Effect, etc..) (3:59)

      24. How To Craft A Dynamic Build-Up Vocal (4:02)

      Chapter 9: How To Write An Acid Techno Drop

      25. How To Write An Acid Pattern Using Serum (5:24)

      26. How To Add Groove To Your Acid Pattern Using Delay & Reverb Throws (1:45)

      27. How to Arrange and Automate Acid Patterns for Dynamic Progression (4:13)

      28. How To Add Variation To Your Acid Pattern For 2nd Half Of Drop (3:42)

      29. Introducing The Acid Pattern During The Pre Drop + More Automating (3:47)

      30. Perfect Sidechain Compression for Acid Patterns in Techno (3:39)

      Chapter 10: Filling In Your Drop With Synth Shots & Ear Candy

      31. How to Spice Up Your Drop by Adding Synth 1 Shots (7:37)

      32. How to Add Rhythmic Rave Stabs into Your Drop (8:05)

      33. How to Reintegrate the Pre-Drop Vocal Back Into Your Drop (3:02)

      34. Adding The Classic T99 Rave Stab Into Your Drop (2:35)

      35. Crafting Ambient Space: Adding Synth Loops for Background Texture (1:54)

      36. Elevating Transitions: Adding Reverse FX + Slight Mixing (5:09)

      Chapter 11: How To Effectively Arrange A Techno Track

      37. How To Use Elements From The Drop To Create a Cohesive Intro (15:37)

      38. Arranging Verse: FX Addition, Synth Automation, and Pre-Drop Polish (12:23)

      39. Crafting the Outro: How To Close Out Your Track (10:59)

      Chapter 12: Mixing A Techno Track (My Favorite Method)

      40. Using ADPTR MetricAB for Track Referencing in Mixing (2:18)

      41. Rolling Bassline: Flattening Serum To Audio To Ensure Consistent Phase (5:48)

      42. Adding Color with Ableton's Channel EQ: A Simple Approach (Intro) (4:26)

      43. How to Add Kick Punch Using Multi-band Expansion (1:47)

      44. Channel EQ for Verse, Build, and Pre-Drop Sections + Subtle Automation (3:08)

      45. EQing Our Acid Bass to Help Fit In The Mix (2:17)

      46. How To Get More Headroom By Clipping: Drums & Bassline (9:32)

      47. When To Clip And When Not To Clip Your Vocal (0:58)

      48. Clipping Drop Synths To Preserve Headroom (4:13)

      49. Clipping Verse Synths To Control Peaks (And More Headroom) (1:58)

      50. Referencing Our Final Mix: Reflecting On Our Improvements (4:30)

      Chapter 13: How I Master My Techno Tracks

      51. Mastering EQ: Enhancing Color and Character (3:16)

      52. Utilizing Glue Compression in Mastering To Control Peaks + Soft Clipping (1:34)

      53. Precision Mastering: Surgical EQ Techniques with FabFilter Pro Q-3 (4:53)

      54. Experimental Left-Right EQ Techniques for Mastering (2:39)

      55. Inject Life into Your Master with Multiband Expansion and Compression (2:57)

      56. Clean Up Your Low End Mud With Izotope Low End Focus (1:24)

      57. Oops, The Experimental EQ Isn't Working (1:26)

      58. Mastering with Invisible Limiter + Reading Loudness Meters (LUFS) (10:18)

      Chapter 14: Final Thoughts

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      Divinity Peak Time Techno Samples Bundle

      Customer Reviews

      Based on 37 reviews
      Niklas Behrens
      Nice packs for techno

      High quality samples and presets to make high powered Techno tracks

      Mark Sherry (Kilmarnock, GB)
      Really great!

      Really great pack that covers all bases when you want to make something crazy and hard as nails!

      ulrich van bell (Vaudreuil-Dorion, CA)
      You will all need this plugin !!! Awesome Product for all Techno Producers !

      I've been searching for a kick generator like the one RaveYards offers with its Divinity Kick generator for a long time ! Finally, someone who understands what every good techno producer needs in their production arsena l!! Thank you, RaveYards !!! - Ulrich Van Bell (Coldharbour Black Records / Garbage Records / B2P Records)

      Thank you so much for your review! I appreciate it!

      Balint Pataki (Adelaide, AU)

      Apollo Start To Finish Master Class: Peak-Time Techno


      Jonathan Fisher (Newham, GB)
      Pretty much everything

      So Iโ€™ve not finished the course yet and can happily say itโ€™s a very complete course. You have a great teacher bundled with all the samples and presets you need to make and absolute banger. If you like Techno then this is for you.

      Thank you for your kind words!